Why you should use a local mortgage compan

As the financial crisis lead to the demise of many mortgage companies and banks, what remained has dramatically changed the landscape of our home mortgage market. The too big to fail large banks consolidated their position in the National markets, but their legacy mortgage portfolios and far flung customer service continue to tarnish their image. The large mortgage banks and independent servicers haven’t fared much better and the American consumer longs for simpler more personal mortgage process. The boutique mortgage banking firm can offer the real estate community and their borrowers innovation and creativity that the mega banks cannot. Staten Island, New York based Mortgage Banker Financial Equities, has been serving their local markets with distinction since 1989. While so many other companies have come and gone, Financial Equities has remained a constant presence on Staten Island and throughout the New York metropolitan area. “When our clients want something, we like to react quickly” says company President Walter Stashin. “We don’t have to wait to hear back from some committee somewhere else. We are the committee. We don’t outsource our service. We are part of the communities we serve and we provide jobs in our communities.”  History has shown that as banks and larger mortgage banks have grown bigger they create layers of bureaucracy, which in turn become inefficient. This tends to lead to a political and hierarchal environment, which take s the focus away from the customer experience.  “We never want to lose sight of what is important and that is our client” says Stashin. “We live in the communities we do business and can adapt quickly to the changing needs of our communities”. “We not listening to some hierarchy, we are listening  to those we serve” added Stashin. Bigger is not better. The Boutique Mortgage Banker delivers quality over quantity. Financial Equities is also looking to hire young people that are looking for a career in Mortgage Banking. Stashin says “We see great opportunities for young people with our company, and we are looking to build the next generation of Mortgage Bankers”. Another reason boutique is better. While the large banks slash jobs in the Mortgage business, Financial Equities is hiring. Written by Michael J. Wallace

Salvatore Criscuolo “The Mortgage Expert”

Financial Equities Mortgage Bankers, 1110 South avenue, Staten Island, N.Y. 10314


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I am a mortgage banking veteran with over 15 years of experience at every level of the mortgage arena. I am known as the "closer" because of my troubleshooting skils and ability to explain in detail to my clients and business partners "What Makes A Mortgage Approvable".

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